How to buy real estate slovenia

Buyin a Real State can be full of stress, so all you need is a reliable partner who will make sure to give a place for home or business where you can move with a smile on your face. There are 10 steps below that will help you to get such a result.

1.Start now.

Like you may have discovered it already that browsing through different ads is not the fastest way of finding a real estate. The fastest way to success is to find a real estate agent who is specialized and will find a real estate for you.

2.Tell us your wishes.

Different questions will be asked from you by the real estate agent, so he/she can get an idea about your expectation and desires and then he/she will start looking.

3.Get a selection of the most suitable ones.

A real estate agent will contact you as soon a real estate that fulfill your desires will be arranged. If you do not get confused while choosing a property then try to select your favourite place and tell the real agent about your selection so that he/she can arrange a visit. If none of the real estate is right for you then real estate agent will move ahead and search some more real estates for you.

4.Visit the most beautiful ones

Real estate agent will tell you about how to make the most of your visit. Let the agent lead you. You may have to take several visits until you finally find a place where you can feel like home.

5.Make an offer.

The real estate agent will help you that how to make and offer for the seller and then forward the offer to the seller. If you desire, the agent will try to negotiate with the seller to reach the best price for you.v

6.The seller and the buyer reach an agreement.

When the seller have accepted the offer that you gave to him/her and the price and payment method is done between you and seller then the real estate agent will help you to establish the method of implementing legal process.

7.Make a draft contract.

Our lawyer will prepare the contract who specializes in real estate business, if you want you can also suggest your own lawyer or registrar. The contract shall be arranged beforehead with the bank’s legal office, if you want to get a contract on the real estate that you are buying.

8.Sign the contract.

The registrar will certify the contract after the contract is signed and the tax is deducted.

9.Pay the puchase price.

If the payment method of real estate consists of two or more instalments then the real estate agency carries out the entire transaction of the real estate buyer in accordance with the contract. A registered contract is kept in the office of OpaEuropa Real Estate. If the real estate is a matter of mortgage credit, the contract is delivered to the registrat for hearing.

10.The real estate is yours.

After the purchasing price have been paid by you, we will draft the handover minutes and carry out the handover of real estate. During the process of handover, the state of your new real estate should be checked by us that it is according to the contract or not and an account of electricity, gas and water connections by muincipal should be made by us and counter readings. We shall provide your data to Elektro, VOKA and manager who are service providers.

Congratulations! Proudly You are a new owner of the real estate!

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