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Luxury duplex apartment in Ankaran

625€ For Sale
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Artjom Bajdak
Artjom Bajdak
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The Ankaran settlement is located at the south end of the Milje peninsula (Miljski polotok) and stretches over the territory of former Ankaran and Valdoltra. Its location, cultural sights and natural beauties make it a unique natural pearl worth visiting – rich in Mediterranean vegetation, wine-growing regions and silver-green olive groves. The beneficent influence of the sea and the mild climate sparked the development of health resorts in the late 19th century and that of tourism after the First World War. These two economic branches are also central to the area today.
Ankaran is surrounded by several hamlets and the village of Hrvatini, stretched along the ridge of the Milje peninsula. The ridge offers a beautiful view over the entire Gulf of Trieste, reaching in nice weather as far as to the Julian Alps and the highest Slovenian mountain, Triglav.

The facility is located near the Slovenian-Italian border, in the town Kolomban, from where beautiful open views of the Gulf of Trieste. The project is distinguished by the excellent location in a quiet green area on the Slovenian coast, away from the tourist bustle, at the same time it is only a few minutes drive to major centers of the Slovenian coast such as Koper, Portoroz and Izola.

It is also easily accessible Italian city of Trieste, where there is alsothe nearest airport Aeroporto Ronchi dei Legionari, which is the location of the object is only 60 kilometers.

“Vila Kolomban” is a modern designed building consisting of two fabulous three-storey apartment units, which together form a semi-detached apartment. It features a well-designed, functional design, which utilizes inclined ground and utilizes the breathtaking views of the Bay of Piran.

The house has a modern design, it emphasized the ecological aspect, since they are mostly used natural materials, which are excellent also reflected in the provision of energy efficiency of the building.

Each apartment unit has set up its own pool with living green surroundings and fabulous wooden terrace as well as

It offers everything you need to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Number of Units: 2 units

Land area – unit 1: 556 m2

Land area – Unit 2: 649 m2

Net floor area – Unit 1: 266.30 m2

Net floor area – Unit 2: 267.20 m2



Additional Information

The year of construction: 2013

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